To: Mrs. Edna Molewa, Minister of Environmental Affairs, South Africa, Helen Zille, Leader of IFP ( Inkatha Freedom Party ), South Africa, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, and President Jacob Zuma

Stop Canned Hunting Murder

Canned hunting is a cruel legal practice where baby animals (lions, tigers, leopards, bears, giraffes, rhinoceros and others) are taken away from their mothers when they are just hours old and raised by humans so they are not afraid of humans who will hunt and kill them in an enclosed area when they are older. Please let the South African Government know that this is inhumane and not acceptable by signing this petition. Thank you

Why is this important?

The animals trapped for canned hunts experience the same emotions as people do… believe it or not, it is true. My friend has been to one of these farms following a very young lioness she fell in love with. All during their youth on the farms they are poked by long stick like devices... to have the humans you depend on for food also be abusive. This alone is cruel and then to be put in a larger enclosure with no way to escape and be exploring new territory in all of it's excitement and turn around only to be met by a human being's bullet is like the ultimate betrayal. The joy is gone. The Golden Rule applies to animals too. All animals have the right to life. Aren't you happy you have had a chance to live a full most natural life and not be gunned down while you are exploring some new place?


Reasons for signing

  • Mother fuckers!!! They should be trophy hunted this way!!! Low life savages, dirty ugly POS sons of bitches!!!
  • 20,000 lions, 7 billion people!! A decline of 180,000 lions in less than 100 years?? Why is this even a question of legality. I actually chose to not have children, so they don't grow up in a world that would allow this disgusting murderous practice. I hope this practice dies before i do.
  • This horrible practice needs to end!!!!