To: Zev Yaroslavsky, LA County Board of Supervisors

Stop Cell Tower Money Grab at Expense of Citizen Health, Property Value and Life


Why is this important?

LA RICS (LA Regional Interoperability Communications System) is implementing via Federal Stimulus Funds, $150,000,000 worth of military grade, super high powered, cell towers with increased frequencies and surveillance capabilities that will saturate 97% of Los Angeles and will harm and kill both wildlife and people in addition to devalue property wherever they are placed. This new "upgraded" cell tower system is being implemented with zero public input or hearings and overriding all environmental impact rules, regulations and laws. We do not need more powerful microwaves assaulting ourselves and our environment! Human and environmental life and residential and commercial property value are being ignored in the name of "Homeland Security, The Patriot Act, emergency responders and public safety." Do not ignore public health and safety in the name of public health and safety! Stop accepting "blood money" from the Federal government that overrides public and environmental health and safety and will add yet one more layer of surveillance to an already heavily surveilled populous!!