To: Mayor Jorge Elorza, Mayor of Providence

Stop Corporate Welfare Tax Breaks for Big Developers in Providence

In Providence, politically connected developers can pass special ordinances saying they only have to pay a fraction of their taxes. In theory, these special deals are supposed to expire. But right now five big developments are asking for a five year extension of their special tax deals. The construction jobs are long gone and these buildings have been occupied for quite some time. We believe it is time for these projects to pay their fair share. Let's end what now amounts to no more than corporate tax evasion!

If this ordinance passes, it will cost us more than $3 million dollars, at a time when our City is still having major fiscal issues. Working families in Providence are struggling. Jobs are scarce, and taxes on the middle class, the poor, and small businesses have gone up and up. Is it fair for our taxes to go up while big developers get a massive special tax break? We think not!

Why is this important?

I'm a resident of Providence, and I'm worried about what's happening to my city. The City always says it doesn't have the money when it comes to helping ordinary people, but they're happy to hand out ample cash to big developers.


Reasons for signing

  • I am a US citizen with RI drivers license. Born and raised in Providence. Temporarily living out of country and planning to return. Please accept this signature.
  • Developers get tax breaks but you want to ticket every fucking person in providence for m parking too long?
  • Our city has been voted a wonderful place to visit. Our human talent and natural resources are deep. Now we need fair and honest fiscal policies to keep this wonderful city for all of us -- not just developers.