To: The United States House of Representatives

STOP Daniela Pelaez from deportation

Stop Daniela Pelaez and her family from deportation!!!

Why is this important?

Hi, my name is Emily Sell and Daniela Pelaez is one of my very close friends. Daniela is valedictorian of her graduating class. She is a Questbridge Scholar, in the International Baccalaureate Program, has the highest ACT scores in her class, and has a 6.7 GPA. Her brother has served in the US military for 2 years, and she has already been separated from her mother. She is truly an amazing individual and never ceases to inspire me with her passion, determination, and positivity. To be without Daniela in our lives and the country's lives is a loss of one of the most brilliant individuals I have ever met. PLEASE sign this petition and help Daniela and her family to stay in the United States.
PLEASE email Congressman Rivera at this link:
Put your zip code as 33015-7222 so the message goes through!!!