To: Donald Trump, President-elect

Stop Donald Trump's conflicts of interest

President-elect Donald Trump owns more than 500 businesses through his Trump Organization. So long as he or his family continues to own them, his personal financial interests will conflict with the nation's. He must immediately sell all his assets and move his money into a blind trust.

Why is this important?

Americans deserve elected officials that are beholden to voters, not outside influences or their own personal financial interests. That’s why we’re worried about the massive conflicts of interest looming over a Trump presidency.

President-elect Trump controls more than 500 businesses, with assets valued at over $1.5 billion. There are simply too many opportunities for Trump to use the powers of his office to increase his personal wealth. The only solution is to sell these assets off and set up a blind trust.

Just one example: The Trump Organization just opened a new hotel in the Old Post Office Pavilion in Washington DC. The property is leased from the federal government through the U.S. General Services Administration, the head of which will be appointed by President-elect Trump.

That’d make Donald Trump both landlord and tenant -- and any questions or disputes regarding the terms of the lease or maintenance costs of the property will directly impact President-elect Trump’s personal finances AND U.S. taxpayers' finances. We cannot tolerate this massive conflict of interest.

Nearly every president in modern times has set up a "blind trust" to avoid this -- where an independent trustee manages the officeholder’s assets without the officeholder's involvement or knowledge of where they're invested.

Trump’s proposed solution is to put his children in charge of his company -- but that's not even close to the same thing. A truly blind trust must be managed independently, not by his family. And even if the President-elect were to put an independent manager in control of the Trump Organization, it still wouldn't qualify as a blind trust because Trump has full knowledge of the Trump Organization's assets, holdings and business partners.

Voters deserve better -- Donald Trump must sell all of the Trump Organization's assets, and set up a blind, independent trust to manage his wealth while he serves as President. Add your name today to demand that President-elect Trump put his assets into a blind trust.


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  • I disliked Trump
  • Payback Time, and I will stop the Conflict of interests.
  • Trump has innumerable conflicts of interest and has been using the office of President to line his own pockets! Impeach Trump!