To: Lewis Reed, President, St. Louis Board of Aldermen, Sharon Tyus, St. Louis City - Ward 1 Alderman, Dionne Flowers, St. Louis City - Ward 2 Alderman, Freeman M. Bosley Sr., St. Louis City - Ward 3 Alderman, Samuel L Moore, St. Louis City ...

Stop Festival Bill 328

Stop or revise the fast track approval of Festival Reservation Bill 328 because of the 10-20 year Non-Compete Clause, lack of inclusion of St. Louis music, food and art, the displacement of already existing world class events, and the lack of an impact study on how Summer Rocks will affect St. Louis events and organizations.

Why is this important?

As a musician, community organizer and general supporter of the City of St. Louis and its culture, I think Festival Reservation Bill 328 is a bad idea for the City of St. Louis as it is currently presented. The Bill has been disruptive and divisive, even without its passage . I think the City of St. Louis should take the time, listen to the people, and diligently investigate what is best for the city and its residents in the long term.