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Stop GM Canola in Oregon

Stop the Oregon Department of Agriculture's decision to open 2500 acres to GM Canola.

Why is this important?

Oregon is a major producer of the world's seeds for European cabbage, Brussels sprouts, rutabaga and turnips. The introduction of GMO canola would not only threaten the livelihood of these seed farmers but it would also pose serious dangers (such as increased pesticide use & herbicide resistant superweeds) to the environment.

GM Canola has been genetically altered to withstand the herbicide Roundup; allowing farmers to spray more herbicide without destroying their crops. The cross-pollination of GM crops with weeds creates superweeds that are also herbicide resistant. The Huffington Post reported that more than two dozen weed species have become "resistant to Roundup's chief ingredient glyphosate, causing farmers to use increasing amounts both of glyphosate and other weed killing chemicals to try to control the so-called "superweeds." The dilemma facing farmers is now driving up the "volume of herbicide needed each year by about 25 percent" And farmers are being forced to expand use of older, more dangerous herbicides in order to deal with the new superweeds. GM Canola has become itself an herbicide resistant weed found growing in California.


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