To: The Maine State House, The Maine State Senate, and Governor Janet Mills

stop govenor lepage from taking away suboxone maintenance therapy

Many people on the suboxone therapy have better lives because of the medication should this medication be taken away I believe that crime rates will go up substance abuse will go up and some may even lose their lives due to not being properly taken off the medication please take into consideration the many lives and families you will be affecting im asking that if you do put a cap of two years on the medication that those already medicated be properly weened off

Why is this important?

Govenor lepage wants to put a cap on Buprenorphine (suboxone) therapy of two years and anyone currently receiving therapy that has been on it for two years will not be weened off but will have it taken away immedietly...this is a very important medication to help those with substance abuse problems get clean please don't let him take this away