To: Ventura County Fairgrounds Board, Barbara Quaid CEO

Stop Gunshows at the Ventura County Fairgrounds

State agencies should not promote and profit from the proliferation of guns and ammunition. The state-owned Ventura County Fairgrounds should stop renting out its facilities to gun shows.

Why is this important?

A network of anti-gun activists has asked the Ventura County Fairgrounds board to stop hosting gun shows. We are concerned about the influence that billboard marketing and the gun shows themselves have on our communities. The majority of the fair board does not agree.

It's time for the Ventura County Fairgrounds to stop hosting gun shows. No State agency should promote and profit from the proliferation of firearms. (Thank you Cow Palace activists!)

Five gun shows are hosted every year at the Ventura County Fairgrounds, a state-owned property run by board members appointed by the CA governor. The fairgrounds are owned and managed by a division of the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Each show features hundreds of tables where firearms are bought, sold, and traded. The gun shows are also marketed to children -- admission free for children under age 12.