To: Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Stop HB 4770. Save Domestic Partner Benefits

The purpose of this petition is to you to urge you to veto HB4770. Attacking domestic partner benefits hurts children and families and promotes inequality across Michigan. I am troubled by Michigan even considering legislation that takes away insurance from children & their families!

As a former businessman, surely you can see how HB 4770 is bad for Michigan’s economy. By banning government benefits for domestic partnerships, we will push both members of the LGBT population and allies of the LGBT population out of Michigan. Businesses like Ford Motor, General Motors, Chrysler LLC, Dow Chemical, IMB, Citigroup and Microsoft have long granted benefits to domestic partners of their employees because it is smart business. Michigan needs to learn from this.

Why is this important?

HB 4770 would prohibit providing health insurance benefits to same-sex partners of public employees and would take away health insurance coverage from LGBT families throughout the state. It's discriminatory and it's unconstitutional.