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To: Hennepin county, Hennepin county Commissioner Marion Greene (District 3), Minneapolis Park Board, Midtown Community Works

Stop The Destruction ... Save Soo Line Garden!

Stop The Destruction ...  Save Soo Line Garden!

Create safe, accessible paths to the Midtown Greenway that do not require paving over the Soo Line Community Garden. There are many unused and underutilized areas along the Midtown Greenway where access could be provided without paving through an existing community garden space.

Give the public, the disability community, and those who utilize the Soo Line Community Garden an opportunity to give input on the location of ADA access in this vicinity. County reports do not indicate that the public had any opportunities to provide feedback on the location of a paved ADA path through the Soo Line Community Garden.

We, the undersigned, OPPOSE Hennepin County’s proposal to pave a trail through the Soo Line Community Garden! We demand a stop to this project and demand that the county conduct authentic public engagement with affected community members to select a site for a ramp that provides benefit to the community without harming cherished community garden space.

Why is this important?

Hennepin County is proposing to pave a 14 foot path through Soo Line Community Garden, disrupting garden plots where people grow food, damaging pollinator and wildlife habitat, removing trees, and changing the spirit and wildness of this unique and cherished community space.



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