To: Kym Pine, Council Member District 1, Ernie Martin, Council Chair & Member District 2, Ikaika Anderson, Council Member District 3, Trevor Ozawa, Council Member District 4, Ann Kobayashi, Council Member District 5, Carol Fukunaga, Council ...

Stop Ho'opili

A quarter of all food grown in Hawai’i is grown on farmland where DR Horton wants to build 11,750 homes in a new suburban town called Ho‘opili.

The project will dump thousands more cars on the H1 freeway impacting every commuter from the west side, Mililani and the North Shore.

Why is this important?

For years, we at the Sierra Club have fought to ensure that the new housing we desperately need goes into places where we have already built, so as to minimize traffic, preserve our best ag lands and protect the beauty of our island. This project belongs in Kapolei - not on the best farmland in all of Hawai‘i


Reasons for signing

  • Thank you for protecting our food source, its the right choice for all Hawaiians.
  • DS9pB3
  • No more housing development!!!!!

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