To: The Pennsylvania State Senate

Stop House Bill 18

Join us in rallying against new legislation that seeks to harm our clients and patients: Pennsylvania House Bill 18, proposed by Representative Ryan Mackenzie, seeks to remove an injured worker’s right to appropriate and adequate health care.

Workers gave up a constitutional right to sue for damages 100 years ago in exchange for the payment of lost wages and medical bills related to work injuries. These promises are not being fulfilled.

We need you to fight with us to stop this abuse.

Why is this important?

The bill’s provisions would allow insurance companies to control the medical care of injured workers by mandating a specific drug formulary that severely limits the prescribing of necessary medications, preventing workers from receiving the treatment they need to get better. House Bill 18, masquerading as an attempt to reduce opiate usage, would ultimately allow insurance companies to profit at the expense of the injured worker’s pain, suffering and decreased quality of life.

We also encourage you to email or write your State Representative directly about this issue. You can find their contact information here: