To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Stop H.R. 3

H.R.3 passed through the House with votes from both Republican and Democratic Representatives. Apparently they only received 135,000 signatures in opposition of this bill. Let's make sure more voices of opposition to this bill are heard in the Senate and let the entire country know that we care about the health care issues of our women!

Sign this petition NOW to voice your opposition to the heinous H.R. 3 bill!

Why is this important?

The H.R. 3 bill would create a law that women and small businesses provide health insurance covering abortion to pay more on taxes. So a woman would have to provide documentation to IRS, that the abortion was due to forcible rape, incest, a life threat to the mother, OR that the health insurance she has doesn't cover abortions. It would prevent most women from receiving any financial help from health insurance companies for abortion.

We should put our money and efforts in sex education and prevention and ASSIST victims of rape and assault, not make it harder. And remember... All this is following a recent budget cut threat to Planned Parenthood.