To: The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Donald Trump

STOP Jet Noise NOW! A M E R I C A

Congress failed to require the FAA to place the quality of life of all Americans ahead of the profits of the airlines when designing new flight paths and procedures. This petition seeks to correct that error by requiring the FAA to make Public Health and Safety the first priority, requiring the most expeditious application of new technologies at airports, in airplane manufacturing, including new quiet engines, quiet airframes, electric engines, and routing planes higher and farther away from residential areas.

Why is this important?

FAA must REVERT back to pre NextGen flight paths and procedures now! That is the fastest, and least expensive fix. Stop lying to us!

For decades Congress has been passing aviation ACTS that sound great to the uninformed, but do nothing to protect the public from the negative health impacts of repeated exposures to very loud and extreme jet noise and it's associated chemical residues which people breathe.

Pleas for help have largely fallen on deaf ears though President Trump made a point of working to limit the exposures over his Florida property. To our knowledge, only Gov. Larry Hogan has stood up for his people, and only one major city - Phoenix has taken the FAA to task gaining a roll back to former operation paths.

Please ADD your voice and comments now. We need to collect 100,000 more signers in order to demonstrate to Washington that this is a serious matter. This is not about rich people seeking to dump their share of noise on their poor neighbors. This is about all of us getting a fair break instead of the new jet highways - which often are right over lower-income neighborhoods.

Going to court is difficult, and can cost $1M. We'd rather Congress just fix what they broke! REVERT - STOP Jet Noise NOW! America