To: The Kansas State House, The Kansas State Senate, and Governor Laura Kelly

STOP Kansas Bill 2598

This bill not only violates HIPAA and the Hippocratic Oath, but it violates the rights of ANY WOMAN in the state of Kansas. Additionally, it negates the ability to file for malpractice unless the mother dies. At one fell swoop, this will change females medical rights, rights to privacy, your rights to due process, HIPAA, and your ability to get actual "healthcare" in the state of Kansas. Additionally, there will be a 6.3% tax levied against any product or procedure that has anything to do with abortion, making no excusal for rape, etc. Read this bill. Educate yourself. Protect your RIGHTS!

Why is this important?

This "anit-abortion" legislature allows doctors to withhold medical information and diagnosis pertaining to the health of fetus and mother in any instance where the doctor feels the mother may chose abortion. This includes etopic pregnancy, and any other that could cause the death of the mother, etc.