To: The United States Senate


As your constituent, I'm writing today to urge you to vote NO on the Keystone XL pipeline bill, H.R. 3.

This ill conceived legislation runs roughshod over a review process that has been in place for decades under administrations of both political parties and effectively waives critical environmental laws.

From a climate perspective, the Keystone XL pipeline would be disastrous. According to the Dept. of Energy the volume of dirty tar sands oil extracted each year would result in the equivalent of carbon pollution from 5.7 million cars and much of its volume is expected to be exported. Moreover the project is opposed by Native American tribes, farmers and ranchers because of the threat they feel it poses to their lands, groundwater and drinking water.

Please stand with me and your constituents against the pipeline. Vote NO!

Why is this important?

Tell your representative to stand with Americans across the country and vote NO on the Keystone XL pipeline bill.

Recently, what will undoubtedly be one of the most environmentally hostile Congresses in history took office. Its first item of environmental business? Voting to mandate the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, putting campaign contributors ahead of the American public and our environment.

Don’t let them get away with this! We need everyone to raise their voices NOW to reject this destructive project.

Tell your representatives that you stand with more than 1 million Americans who are against the pipeline.

Big polluters spent more than $721 million to get their cronies elected to Congress, and now they expect payback. The only way we can stop this destructive project is if everyone—including you—takes a stand.

The Keystone XL pipeline would be disastrous, hurting communities, polluting our water and environment, and undermining our ability to stabilize climate change. If constructed, the pipeline would transport highly polluting Canadian tar sands crude to U.S. refineries on the Gulf of Mexico, where it would be processed and shipped overseas. Conservation groups, Native American tribes, farmers, and ranchers have opposed the project because it poses a threat to groundwater and surrounding lands.

Despite this, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has made approving the Keystone project one of his very first priorities in 2015.

The President just threatened to veto this ill-founded legislation but it’s critical that enough representatives register their opposition to show his veto can be upheld.

We are facing our toughest battle yet. Help stop this disaster once and for all. Tell your representatives to vote NO.