To: Kevin Kamenetz, Baltimore County Executive

Stop killing animals at BCAS

There are rescuers waiting to help animals at Baltimore County Maryland animal services BCAS , but they put the animals down anyway. Our taxes pay for this shelter yet many people do not know about it. Photos are limited if allowed at all. Our county Executive, Kevin Kamenetz, says there are only unwanted and disfigured animals in the shelter. That is a lie. They kill when cages are empty! Please help us change OUR shelter!

Why is this important?

We want change for the benefit of the animals. A new building will not change much. We need a caring and compassionate staff. One that is there to help the animals get homes, work with rescuers, and try to make the lives of the that animals stay there a happy and healthy one. They have hired someone for grooming and for taking photos even when volunteers offered the same services for free and did a much better job. They are not doing what they can for the animals and are just wasting tax payers money on people who are not needed or that are incompetent.


Reasons for signing

  • I just became vegetarian after seeing a horrific clip of how pigs are slaughtered and the pain they go through. I believe everyone could become a vegetarian or vegan if they saw the suffering these animals go through.
  • stop it! were not gonna wait any longer for animals to be free.