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Stop Killing Our Florida Black Bears

Stop killing the Florida black bear by sanctioned bear hunts, and killing our bear cubs by allowing winter or springtime controlled forest burns. Place the Florida black bear back on the Endangered Species List.

Why is this important?

The FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation) is made up of mostly hunters, ranchers, and land developers. Some of the same FWC members who voted for the Bear Hunt in 2015 reportedly bought a Bear Hunting Permit. Thousands of Citizens' Voices were raised in opposition, including avid hunters against the 2015 Hunt, that were ignored. On October 24 and 25th, 2015, in the Two-Day Hunt, 298+ of the Quota of 320 Bears were killed; 38 were lactating mother bears leaving young orphaned cubs behind, too young to be left alone in the woods. One Hunter reportedly bragged about kicking a cub off of its dead Mother. Cubs never drift far from their mother. These cubs stood and watched mom slain and carried off like garbage. Cubs bawling for Mom, filled our woods with horrific sadness; with grief and loss they couldn't understand. Cubs need Mom for food, guidance and protection as they learn from her, for a full 2 years.

The bears were protected for 21 years, until 2012, as Endangered Species; after De-listing, it was quick to get them on the 2015 Hunt. The hunt was scheduled to go on for 7 days but closed after 2 days. There were 3,700 permits sold--we only had an estimated 3,000 bears in the entire state. There was corn still in the mouths of some of the bears, which would indicate baiting.

They were planning another Bear Hunt in 2016. Because of you- it was stopped! About 100 of us went to the FWC Meeting at Eastpoint, Florida where they made their final decision. We spoke from 8am to 8pm, the fate of our bears was decided on June 22, 2016. We Won! No Florida Black Bear Hunt will take place in 2016! Our Bears are safe for this one year. We must continue to be ready for their decision in 2017. The NRA and Hunters Groups are furious that the FWC ruled in our favor. They will be stronger next year- and we must be as well! The usual- FWC Commissioners-Leisa Priddy and Nick Wiley voted for having another Bear Hunt. After Signing Petition. Please one more request. Write to FWC Commissioners personally. Let them know you are against a 2017 Florida Black Bear Recreational Hunt. That you will not Travel to a State that sponsors Trophy Hunts. Commissioners Ron Bergeron, Bo Rivard, Robert A. Spottswood and Chairman Brian Yablonski. Voted against 2016 Hunt Thank them for allowing our Bears to Live.

AlieseP. “Liesa” Priddy, Nick Wiley, Charles W. Roberts 111 voted to have another Bear Hunt. Thank God- they were stopped and there will be No 2016 Bear Hunt!

The US Forestry is carrying out controlled burns year round, with hundreds of thousands of acres of our Florida's National Forest burned. Bear cubs are born in late winter and early spring. The bears have infant cubs too little to escape these fires. The palmetto berries and oak trees, food for the bears, are being wiped out. The small game, which is food for bears and panthers, are all on Florida's hunt list. Stop the killing of all these forest creatures, they are not consumed as food for any humans. Florida has a hunt list with unlimited year round, no bag limits of raccoon, opossum, coyote, beaver, skunk, nutria, otter, and seasonally unlimited kill of even bobcats.

Thank you for signing-and sharing! Click the petition after signing--you can view your comments and others'. It is powerful to see all the citizens from so many countries standing up for our bears. Citizens Against Bear Hunts in Florida, as of July 20th, 2016,
46 countries have signed! Thank you all!! United States, Belgium, Namibia, Montenegro, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Philippines, Canada, France, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Romania, Netherlands, Italy, India, Finland, Mexico, Cyprus, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Peru, Argentina, Czech Republic, Brazil, Iraq, Mauritius, Bulgaria, Norway, New Zealand, Croatia, Tahiti French Polynesia, Macau, Bermuda, Luxembourg. Syria, Portugal, Turkey, Malaysia, Austria, Dominican Republic, United Arab Emirate, Zimbabwe, and Hungary

Together- It was A Great Day for Our Bears in 2016... Thank you for your help! Please continue sharing. Lets make this a Great Day for our Bears in 2017 and every year until the Trophy Bear Hunts in Florida and Trophy Hunts everywhere are stopped!
Help Us to continue Sharing this Petition! Email- Tweet and Share on Facebook. Every Earth, Conservation, Animal site you can think of. Our Bears were counting on you in 2016 and you came through- They will Live!! Thank you!!! The Bears will be counting on you again in 2017, we must be twice as prepared, the Bears are counting on us!
Florida Residents- please send me an email or fb note. Tell me you will help me in your specific County. We must get Resolutions signed by every one of the 67 Counties in the State of Florida before the 2017 Bear Hunt is called!


Reasons for signing

  • There are not many bears left. Look out for mother nature's creatures. If we continue to destroy these beautiful animals, we are just destroying part of ourselves.
  • Please have mercy on the animals thank you
  • Florida black bears need to be re-listed on the endangered species list, as do bears in other states as well.

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