To: Richard Anderson, CEO

Stop Michele Leqve From Killing Any More Polar Bears!

Stop Delta employee Michele Leqve from killing another polar bear. Tell CEO Richard Anderson that you do not approve her actions and that you will boycott Delta Airlines until she is removed from service. Email

Why is this important?

Michele Leqve has titled herself as "The Premier Bow Huntress" but in the case of her killing of a polar bear, a species that was just recently removed from the endangered species list, the fact is that she hired a team of dogs to chase the polar bear until he was too weak to fight for his own life. Then and only then did the cowardly "Bow Huntress" pull out her high-powered bow and shoot several arrows into the exhausted bear. To add insult to her disgraceful act, she, with full makeup, poses with a big grotesque smile behind the dead Polar Bear. Please contact CEO and let him know that you are appalled at Michele Leqves' horrible killing of polar bears. Do it now before she kills again. Thanks, Cisco


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