STOP!!!!! is a Progressive....errrr....Anti-American organization that believes we should not fly our flag in our own country and bend over to any foreign entity that feels the same. Whether it's illegals from Mexico that move here and complain about everything we stand for and provide, then proceed to drive up our crime rate, or Muslim extremists that kill thousands of American brothers and sisters and want to build a mosque as a monument to their jihad, these people at are all for it!!! No Patriotism. No Gumption. No Backbone. No Brain. And Utter Disregard. That's Sign this petition only if:

You would like America to still be America in the next 50 years
You want our borders secured and illegal immigration reform
You want our Homeland safe and secured
You want the American flag to fly in American schools
You want to solve real issues that affect the American people rather than bicker about who's "right" and "wrong"
You want to see democrats care less about what Foxnews is doing and see more action toward getting issues solved.
You want RESPECT. just do our country and it's patriots a favor and, well, move on.

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