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To: Mark Lamb, Pinal County Sheriff

Stop Officer Stewart Ferrin's serial abuse of power

Officer Stewart Ferrin made national news for his assault of ASU professor Dr. Ersula Ore, charged her for resisting her abuse, resigned from the ASU Police Department, was rehired in Pinal County, AZ, and has already violated two new victims. Officer Ferrin has a history of violence, poor judgment, and selective enforcement. A 2015 external investigation reported that Officer Ferrin had assaulted 7 people in the course of his 2-year employment at ASUPD. The signatures herein support a request that Officer Ferrin (1) be fired from his current position, (2) has his right to carry a firearm revoked, and (3) be placed on the Brady List.

Why is this important?

I am starting this petition on behalf of one of Ferrin's victims, my dear friend, Professor Ersula Ore. I have watched her endure dubious legal charges and victim-blaming from the Blue Lives Matter crowd. In the meantime, Officer Ferrin managed to slip out of his situation and into a new position, only to victimize more people who have recently reached out to Dr. Ore. Officer Ferrin needs to be stopped before he does it again, or worse, kills someone.



2023-03-04 20:36:34 -0500

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