To: The Ohio State Senate and Governor Mike DeWine

Stop oil and gas drilling in state parks

Stop oil and gas drilling within Ohio State Parks

Why is this important?

The Ohio legislature is half way to approving oil and gas drilling in any or all of its' state parks. The bill is on its way to the Ohio Senate. This type of degradation of public lands has already become a disaster in Pennsylvania. State parks belong to the people not the energy industry.


Reasons for signing

  • Bad deal for people who drink water
  • It's just a BAD idea!
  • I use the state parks as a place to be in and admire the natural world. If this bill is approved we can say goodbye to that! I had the crazy thought that the state parks were for the people. Just the fact that this bill could pass the House of Representative shows me that, once again, big business is trying to make the rules. The profit from gas and oil drilling in the OHIO state parks would yield very little good and much ill. Please stop the nonsense.