To: West Hollywood Council, 323 848 6460

Stop overdevelopment: Walgreens at Crescent Heights & Santa Monica Blvd.

We the citizens, vendors and homeowners of West Hollywood, who live and work in the vicinity of the proposed Walgreen's project, the future site is Crescent Heights and Santa Monica Blvd., hereby petition the City of West Hollywood to block this purposed project for the following reasons:

1. There are already other pharmacies in the neighborhood
2. Additional traffic congestions will impact our safety
3. Additional noise
4. Environmental Impacts

Why is this important?

Walgreens corporation wants to build a multi-story 59,000 square foot drugstore-retail-residential-parking complex on the small parcel of land at the southwest corner of Santa Monica Blvd and Crescent Heights.

How this impacts you?

Increased traffic congestion.
Increased noise.
Four story building with 28 apartment units blocking views.
Pushing out mom and pop businesses.

Serious issues impacting your community discovered:

Walgreens has failed to notice state lead agency.
Walgreens failure to disclose toxics at project site.
Walgreens failure to provide notice of the DEIR to the California Regional Water Quality Control Board.
Dishonest development by Walgreens.
Blind development putting the community at risk such as possible groundwater contamination.

Email us if you want to what else you can do to help:


Reasons for signing

  • stop! too many of them already! thats not fair to them who need to stop this! i live in redondo beach and i go to west hollywood for transgender events.
  • Stop contributing to the gridlock of cars! Our side-streets have become. Speed-thoroughfares!
  • The City of West Hollywood needs to block this proposed project. We need to preserve the quality of life that has been established in West Hollywood. There are plenty of local pharmacies in the area. A high density site such as this only adds to the noise, traffic, pollution, congestion, raises safety issues with such an increase and density of population and diminishes the quality of life for all who have chosen to live in this area. A development like this is great for the Marina but NO...