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To: Scarsdale Board of Trustees

STOP Overdevelopment and Stop the Flooding in Scarsdale!

The Village is considering an 8-house subdivision on Garden Road that involves cutting down 400+ trees and re-grading 6 acres by raising the terrain by 4 feet. This will permanently alter rainwater runoff patterns and disrupt the high groundwater table in this sensitive drainage area. The site includes wetlands that must be protected.

Until the Village's infrastructure is remediated, approving an 8-home subdivision would be irresponsible and dangerous. This project should not be allowed to go forward.

Why is this important?

Overdevelopment in Scarsdale is exacerbating damage from flooding by eliminating green space and adding more impermeable surfaces, clearcutting trees, and exceeding the capacity of an antiquated and already overtaxed Village drainage system.

Homes with multiple sump pumps in many parts of Scarsdale already run continuously through a rain event and some residents must manually pump rising groundwater out of basements. More houses mean more runoff overwhelming the already saturated high groundwater table causing flooding in nearby and in surrounding areas.

Let's protect the historic nature of Scarsdale, mitigate flooding throughout Scarsdale, save the tree canopy and preserve open space. Please sign this petition to halt the proposed multiple home subdivision in an environmentally sensitive site on Garden Road.

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