To: The Pennsylvania State House

Stop PA House Bill 1800

There has been a trend nationwide to cut workers' compensation costs, while sacrificing workers' rights to receive quality healthcare. Please help stop that trend from affecting Pennsylvania.

The recently introduced House Bill 1800 could jeopardize injured workers' right to receive quality healthcare from their doctor. The bill would impose "evidence-based medical treatment guidelines" for injuries, meaning that doctors would have to follow a specific course of treatment rather than rely on their own judgement as to what is best for injured workers.

This bill would further strip workers of their right to control their medical care. It favors insurance companies and is concerned only with cost-containment, not individuals hurt on the job and struggling to recover.

Why is this important?

Workers gave up a constitutional right to sue for damages 100 years ago in exchange for the payment of lost wages and medical bills related to work injuries. These promises are not being fulfilled.

We also encourage you to email or write your State Representative directly about this issue. You can find their contact information here:


Reasons for signing

  • The folks writing these Bills have never been through the struggle of recovering from an injury at work. You take a pay cut. You still have to pay for your health insurance premium while out on workers comp. try explains to your wife the $1100. Health Care premium bill when you've been out 6 weeks and only received $1700 in compensation. Cookie cutter health care doesn't and won't work. I was diagnosed with Bursitis in my elbow when I went to the company Dr. I told him I had a pain level of...
  • This is not right
  • Stop this is crazy