To: Bill Mills, owner

Stop Paid Parking - For Employees and Kama'aina

Stop the greed of big business owners on our working class citizens. Stop the pocket rapping of our visitors

Why is this important?

The shops @Wailea want to charge all who come to Wailea to enjoy the shopping and our great beaches. There is no parking in Wailea, no off street parking and very little beach parking. Are you ready to pay $3.00 per 1/2 hour? Or a day pass will cost you $40.00. Employees are being charged as well. Tenants of the mall have to purchase validation tickets. Each store set its own minimum price for validation. Since construction has already started, I want to change their policies. Free parking for all who work in the shops and free for Locals. Please, ask yourself if you want to or can afford to pay these prices? Enough already! Where's the Aloha? Keep south Maui No Ka Oi.