To: Anna C. Verna, Councilwoman, Blondell Reynolds Brown, Councilwoman, Donna Miller, Councilwoman, and Bill Green, Councilman

Stop Philadelphia Curfew

Dear Council President Anna C. Verna and bill sponsors,

I believe that the City Council's bill 110633 is an attack on the full rights and citizenship of Philadelphia's adults and youth. Imprisoning a child for staying out too late is clearly a miscarriage of justice, as is fining a low-income parent $500 for such a small offense.

Philadelphia policies like “Stop and Frisk” have already been shown to target African-Americans, with them making up 75% of the people detained in this law with only 8% resulting in arrests. I have no doubt that the curfew law will similarly lead to the discriminatory detainment and incarceration of poor kids of color and their parents.

Let's really make Philly the City of Brother Love and Sisterly Affection. Please stop this unjust law.

Thank you!

Why is this important?

Philadelphia's City Council seems set on passing an outrageous curfew law that violates a number of civil liberties -- this law aims to keep African-American youth out of more affluent white neighborhoods, further expands the mayor's ability to avoid the democratic process and create his own laws, and makes it illegal for all adults to take young relatives such as nieces or nephews out to enjoy the City of Brotherly Love. We believe that no citizen should fear the police harassment or detainment of innocent children. We're calling on the City Council to stop the expansion of the curfew through Bill 110633 and end the attacks on Philadelphia's future.


Reasons for signing

  • STOP THE CURFEW! I'm tired of Philadelphia institutional racism, as are millions of others.
  • Please do not pass this curfew. It would do nothing but create criminals out of young people who are not criminals and divert massive amounts of law enforcement energy away from issues that need policing. Additionally, a curfew is inefficient in controlling the behavior of young people as there are countless young adults who have extremely productive and legitimate reasons to be out in public beyond the hours enforced by the curfew, including after school jobs to help pay for schooling, assis...
  • Maybe we should focus on giving the youth of this city something to hope for and work towards rather than something to rage against.