To: The California State House, The California State Senate, and Governor Gavin Newsom

Stop plundering BILLIONS every year from CA public schools and community colleges!

Prevent the state from siphoning off $7.6 billion every year in reliable school-allocated county property taxes.

Why is this important?

Since 2004, the State has been siphoning off approximately 25% of the stable county property taxes allocated to K-14 schools-- $7 billion this year. The State transfers this money away from public education and spends it on other State priorities unrelated to education.
Only 3 of CA's 58 counties report this transfer to voters and taxpayers. In Alameda County, 41% of property taxes are reported spent on schools. After the state takes $272 million (over a quarter of a billion), the actual amount delivered to schools is only 27%. In L.A. County, the amount pilfered by the state was $2.1 billion, leaving the schools with only 20% of their county property taxes vs a reported 41%-- less than HALF. In San Francisco County, the actual vs. reported percentages are 18% vs. 34%.
Schools deserve to receive their assigned share of the property taxes we pay like everyone else. The state is not permitted to touch the property tax revenue of ANY OTHER recipient (public hospital, park, library, fire, flood, mosquito abatement districts, cities, counties, etc). Sign NOW to give equal protection to stable, reliable funding for schools and community colleges.
Let's ask the legislature to put this on the 2014 ballot - they made this back room deal and sneaky initiative, let's give voters a chance to decide if they want to keep it.
California's Constitution (Article 8) states that our government will first set aside enough money for public education through the university as our #1 spending priority.
Improve gov't transparency, increase reliability of school funding, and defend our State's Constitution -- all without raising taxes -- SIGN TODAY!