To: The Tennessee State House, The Tennessee State Senate, and Governor Bill Lee

Stop Pre-Employment Credit Checks!

Stop Pre-Employment Credit Checks in TN

Why is this important?

Stop Pre-Emploment Credit Checks!

Many states have already banned the discriminatory practice of checking credit ratings before offering employment but many have yet to catch up. This petition is in effort to raise awareness to Government Officials at all levels in Tennessee that this practice is discriminatory and elitist in nature. It prevents those who have recently fallen on hard times through no fault of their own from joining the workforce again and being productive members of society. I urge you to take a stand for the hard working Tennesseans that want to work.

US States That Took Action to Eliminate Credit Checks in Non-Financial Employment

* In the Northeast: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Maryland, Pennsylvania.
* In the Midwest: Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana,
* In the South: Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina
* In the South/West: Texas, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Arkansas
* In the West: California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Nebraska