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To: Robert Goforth, KY State House Representative

Stop Robert Goforth From Being Governor of Kentucky

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Robert Gofort, you sexually assaulted me in your apartment above your original pharmacy in Somerset, KY on Bogle St, forcing me to engage in sexual acts I did not consent to. You can also be directly linked to Michael Ingram, a pharmacist who was employed by you and was a close friend to you, who went to federal prison on drug charges between 2011 and 2015. Interestingly, he was charged while operating a Hometown Pharmacy under the business name Ingram, LLC. You’re the originator of Hometown Pharmacy; why would you allow your best friend and former employee to copy your business model and take on your business name? This smells suspicious to me as Goforth LLC is still the principal owner of all other Hometown Pharmacy stores in Southern and Eastern Kentucky. Ingram is locked up in Manchester, Kentucky in a federal prison after a federal indictment and conviction against him and Hometown Pharmacy (as Ingram LLC). You also have other connections to criminals, and your own father (George Goforth) was locked up for the rape of a young boy. You must also stop your political goal to bring guns into crowded public places. You wants to allow guns in stadiums, hospitals and other venues where emotions run high. Please, rescind your announcement to run for Governor. You’re a predator and you are clearly not concerned with the safety of nurses, physicians, patients and an entire population of people who work in tense situations. You do not have the ability to control your own impulsive behavior, as you have proven by forcing me into sexual acts that involved you and Ingram, yet you believe others will execute better judgement with guns? You are the prime example of a man who believe he is entitled. You are not entitled; not to the bodies of women who refuse you, not to thto Governorship. Rescind your announcement and do not run for Governor of a state that is already being mismanaged under Bevin. #timesup and #GoHome

Why is this important?

I was sexually assaulted by Goforth in late 2008/early 2009. He forced me to perform sexual acts on another individual and as a scared young, married mother of three, I kept it a secret with the exception of a few friends. I am seeking legal counsel and have witnesses who remember the incident as I recounted it to them at the time or shortly after. He was elected to the House of Representatives and has now announced a bid for Governor. The state, and population, must be protected from this predator who feels entitled to women’s bodies and now the power to govern them. When the presidency was occupied by Trump, who endorsed sexual violence against women, it sent the wrong message to other wanna-be politicians. If the President can hold the highest office in the land and advocate sexual assault and harassment, then what should be the deterrent? It’s time to step up and say the end of the road is near for Goforth and his campaign to govern this great state.


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  • Boot Georgy
  • Any woman that has come into contact with this man should have their hair tested to make sure he didn’t use a date rape drug on you, that I’m sure was provided by his pharmacist buddy!!! I know of 2 woman that were associated with this scum and his friends that DID test positive for it. Seems like the judge in that case was just as corrupt , and maybe even paid off! This man should be in prison with his friend!
  • As a Registered Nurse of 40 years (now retired) I know fully well the need for a woman’s right to a safe & legal abortion-And some of those are medically necessary. Also as a woman who believes in a woman’s right to choose and the mother of a sexual assault survivor who was raped without a condom I find your bill to be beyond disgusting and an over reach of your power as a representative of this state. You are unfit to be a representative and you are unfit to be a governor of this state. With...