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To: Skyline pool

Stop sexualizing young girls at skyline pool

Stop sexualizing young girls at skyline pool

We want skyline pool to remove their rule of “no cheeky bottoms” and stop targeting specific girls, telling them to leave or change. This rule Is so general, that it allows for the pool staff to take it upon themselves to decide what they personally feel is considered “inappropriate” or “cheeky”. A pool or business is entitled to making their own rules and policies however, skyline pool is enforcing this vague rule that is impossible to make consistent, which is unacceptable.

Why is this important?

This is normalizing the sexualization of young girls bodies, who are simply just trying to swim. Why put the thought in girls heads that their bodies are sexual or being looked at in a sexual manner? It is also an issue that skyline pool refuses to refund their customers after kicking them out for wearing bottoms that are too “cheeky” for their liking. Girls have been told they “look offensive” or that the pool Is just trying to “keep people from staring that shouldn’t be staring”. It is extremely alarming that this pool would rather kick a girl out for her bathing suit instead of some creep choosing to stare. Skyline pool states that they are a family friendly facility, yet they have gone as far as calling the POLICE on a young girl who stood her ground about her bathing attire. The staffs behavior, and statements Towards customers has made people feel self conscious and disgusted. We need YOUR help, please sign to help make some change. -Eve McNaughton & Niah Daly


Reasons for signing

  • The embarrassment that a girl could endure due to such treatment could negatively affect her for the rest of her life.
  • Girls shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not they are going to be sexualized by the workers
  • Just. Stop. Sexualizing. Childrens'. Bodies.


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