To: Edwin Lee, Mayor, David Campos, District Supervisor, Malia Cohen, District Supervisor, John Avalos, District Supervisor, Jane Kim, District Supervisor, Carmen Chu, District Supervisor, London Breed, District Supervisor, Norman Yee, Distr...

Stop SFMTA (San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency)

As residents and taxpayers of San Francisco we believe that the SFMTA's first and foremost responsibility is to improve MUNI and to make MUNI a more desirable means of transportation. It is not SFMTA’s job to make owning and driving a motor vehicle more expensive and difficult.

The SFMTA needs to be accountable to all the citizens of San Francisco. We need a balanced, unbiased municipal transportation policy.

We respectfully request that the Mayor and District Supervisors immediately stop the SFMTA from:

1. Installing new parking meters and extending the hours of enforcement
2. Enforcing Sunday parking meters
3. Increasing meter rates, fees and fines

Why is this important?

Update on SFMTA activities!

Our first two requests were met some time ago. At this point, SFMTA has painted itself into such a tight corner by destroying too much and angering too many citizens. There are too many complaints for the Board of Supervisors to ignore.

The voters denied the SFMTA any additional sales tax funds that will cut hundreds of thousands of dollars out of their budget. Now they plan to raise the bridge tolls and charge the cash-paying riders more money to take the Muni.

The next ballot initiative to consider is PROPOSITION 6 that would repeal the gas bill.