To: Juan P. Osuna, Director of the Executive Office for Immigration Review, Board of Immigration Appeals, and Immigration Court of Boston

Stop Siham Jihad's Deportation

Please help support us as we ask for a one year stay and eventual stop to Siham's deportation. She is a loving mother to her four and a half year old son, an active member of her community and various community organizations, and one of the most generous people that we have ever met. She deserves a chance to continue her college education, restate her right to work, and stay here to raise Naseem.

For more about Siham's story or to make a donation to her legal fund, please see our page here:

Why is this important?

Siham has deeply impacted the lives of everyone around her, especially that of her son, Naseem. If she is deported, her friends, community and son will all suffer an immense loss. Naseem will be most deeply affected, as he will be left alone, placed in state care and subjected to the uncertainties of life in foster care.