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To: Bakersfield City Council/Bakersfield Police Department

Stop Street Racing in SW Bakersfield!

Join us to tell city of Bakersfield elected officials and our police department that nightly street racing in SW Bakersfield has to stop! Do not allow their silence to be acceptable!

Why is this important?

On Sunday, November 24th, an innocent woman was killed in a deadly car crash -- due to STREET RACING. Despite numerous calls to the Bakersfield Police Department, emails and pleas to elected officials as well as heightened media/stories on the issue over the last few months, STREET RACING still occurs NIGHTLY in SW Bakersfield. More than 1000 cars have been known to gather at Kohls on Gosford, where it seems to begin. Where is the response from our city leaders? Why can't city leaders work collaboratively with businesses and shopping center owners to put in preventive measures? Please sign this petition to indicate silence is not acceptable and this type of street racing has to be addressed and stopped. How many innocent people will be killed? Waiting for new police cadets via Measure N funds is not an acceptable answer.
Street racing like this is not acceptable!
For more on this issue, see the column by Robert Price


Reasons for signing

  • It's not right for someone to race on the main streets to many accidents as well as killing people who do not deserve to die.
  • It needs to stop so we can save innocent lives.
  • This needs to stop. The noise is very unhealthy, and is ruining peoples lives. You buy a home to have peace and quiet and have to listen to this . Every sat at Khols, and the owners of parking lot are so corrupt they do nothing about it. Caltrops would be good, all you need is a good metalsmith and some rebar. Or roofing nails.


2019-12-13 01:30:54 -0500

At the December 11th city council meeting, Vice Mayor Chris Parlier asked for a community meeting on street racing. It will be the first step in understanding the issue and what's needed to address/solve. This will occur in January 2020. See story and more details to follow.

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