To: Liz Ferguson, Principal of Achievement First Hartford Academy Elementary School

Stop suspending kindergarteners!

Stop suspending students under the age of six. It is inappropriate and ineffective to exclude children so young from school.

Why is this important?

It was recently reported that more than 1,967 students under the age of six have been suspended from school - and that's just in the schools that have reported.

The trend was extreme in a few charter schools like Achievement First Hartford Academy Elementary School, which reported 114 suspensions last school year out of a total school population of just 430 students.

No child that young should be excluded from school. Such a punishment is inappropriate. We should be trying to help young children learn, not excluding them from the classroom.

We need to make it clear that this practice is unacceptable and set an example for other schools.

Demand that Achievement First Hartford stop suspending students so young!


Reasons for signing

  • Regarding Liz Ferguson: *Kind of a young age, to kill possible inspiration and enthusiasm in a growing child don't you think? *Like racism in the old Southern school systems. Have you removed the probability, you'll not answer to a Higher Authority? *Woman, is your life that unhappy and in destruction. That you must take your stupidity to condone your atrocities on innocent children? *I am Black-American, and it is a pleasure to have never had the likes of you in my immediate environment. ...
  • How can you say you teach children to behave when you are just sending them home?
  • This is unacceptable!!!!