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To: Ward 3 representative, Sue AnderBois and zoning board

Stop the 103 Evergreen @ Camp St Rezoning and building proposal in Ward 3

The proposal: to have 103 evergreen street @ Camp Street rezoned form R3 to R4 without communication to abutters or neighbors.
Build a 17,989 sq ft , 4+ story building on a 8,216 sq ft lot.
Consisting of 58 “micro units” most being about 200 sq ft. Studios, and about 300 sq ft 1 bedrooms.
With no public transportation and no parking other than the very limited street parking.

Monday March 4th 6pm
Hope high school auditorium

Recent, silent plans to rezone the lot located at 103 Evergreen Street Providence have come to lights. There is a single family on the 8,216sq ft lot that the developer purchased dirt cheap and has purposely left to become dilapidated and an eyesore. That he only trims the overgrowth when the city threatens to fine him. He never has the sidewalks cleared when it snows. He doesn’t care about this neighborhood. He has brought nothing to this neighborhood. I think we can all agree the neighborhood is all for housing but this is a greedy, wrong way to do it. This will kill the character and aesthetic of the small, thickly populated area. There is no parking to accommodate these people. Even if only half of them have vehicles where will they park? In 200 sqft micro apartment there will be no space to store a bike. There is no public transportation. RIPTA eliminated the 49 route in 2014. I spoke with them on 2/27 and there is no intent to bring it back. The sidewalks are a mess and unsafe to walk on already with up to a 20 year wait for the public works to repair them. .
This monstrosity doesn’t make sense, takes up every inch of the lot and removes pretty much all greenery. The 5 small trees they are willing to plant on the sidewalk won’t cut it for me. What about safety? Can a fire truck safely protect a property of this magnitude? The infrastructure in this neighborhood simply cannot support this type of building and traffic. The congestion with increased amount of foot traffic. The increased amount of abandoned scooters and bikes. The increased in Amazon, ups and fedex delivery trucks. Also what about all of the trash for 58+ people? This is a small lot that currently houses a dilapidated 3 bedroom, 2 bath house. To imagine increasing that to 63 bedrooms, 58 bathrooms over 58 units monstrosity is just disgusting. The proposed renderings are so misleading the fact that they don’t even properly show the area it will be forced Into. It paints a picture like this is a wide open lot that has all this access around it. It’s 0.18 acres that abuts a beautiful triple decker and a beautiful row of townhouses. They are trying to squeeze 17,989sq ft of building onto a 8,216 sq ft lot.
The proposal mentions “ STORMWATER MANAGMENT STATEMENT: GUTTERS & DOWNSPOUTS TO BE INSTALLED AT PERIMETER OF STRUCTURE & DISCHARGED AT VEGETATIVE AREAS ON SITE. SITE TO BE GRADED TO RETAIN STORMWATER ON SITE TO AVOID RUNOFF. “ Now I’m sure a lot of you are aware of the flooding issues we endured this past year. I don’t think the 5 small trees are going to cut it to sustain the rainwater and run off. The only place the water will have is into surround neighbors yards and basements. And speaking of basements, radon! Radon is cancer causing element naturally found in abundance in the ground of providence! You plan to squeeze how many people into basement living quarters and make them vulnerable to this dangerous radioactive gas? Without any mention of mitigation or testing?.

With over 750+ units in his pipeline, and a whole union of unhappy tenants, this “slumlord”of a developer needs to be stopped, held accountable and made to put a responsible and reasonably sized building and housing to fit the lot and aesthetic of the neighborhood.

Plain and simple: this developer got the lot for dirt cheap and wants to maximize HIS profit. He isn’t doing this for the neighborhood. He isn’t doing this for the people who need housing. This will probably be top dollar a month for 200 square foot closets with toilets and a hot top plate at best. Don’t be fooled.

The city is vulnerable and there isn’t enough housing. This developer is suckling on that vulnerability. He isn’t trying to help it. Don’t be fooled. If he was trying to help he would have informed the neighbors directly affected by this. He wouldn’t have tried to be sneaky and get away with this.

Please support this cause and help secure the proper zoning for this lot!

P.s to put it into perspective:
A jail cell is 100 sq ft.
Average hotel room in the US is 300 sq ft.
A majority of these proposed unit are under 250 sq ft.

Why is this important?

Please come and voice your concerns and opinions. YOUR neighborhood needs YOUR help!

Emergency meeting is Monday March 4th.
6pm at Hope High School Auditorium

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Link to 3/4/24 emergency meeting. Includes video of entire meeting, including Sue AnderBois committing to NOT recommending this proposal to the ordinance committee:

Article about the 3/4/24 meeting:

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