To: The United States House of Representatives

Stop the Anti-Wildlife Sportsmen's Act

The Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act (SHARE Act), would delist wolves, allow continued lead poisoning of bald eagles and other protected birds; and open more public lands to cruel, indiscriminate trapping. Please vote NO on the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act (SHARE Act)!

Why is this important?

H.R. 3668, The Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act (SHARE Act), would:

Delist gray wolves in the Great Lakes, paving the way for hunting and trapping seasons and prevent the courts from reviewing the action or the FWS from ever relisting these wolves;

Subject endangered species around the country to increased risk of gruesome death caused by trapping;

And prohibit any regulation of toxic lead ammunition or fishing equipment that is responsible for the poisoning death of millions of birds and animals annually–including the bald eagles shown in the photo above.

This bill is a repeat of legislation that has failed repeatedly and Congress should once again refuse this attack on wildlife and wild places.

Please sign the petition to Congress asking that they oppose this bill.


Reasons for signing

  • We need to protecf our wildlife. We have encroached on way to much of their natural habitat and we need to protect those that are left for our future generations.
  • What would you do if it was your life On the line.
  • I do Support the Stop the Anti-Wildlife Sportsman's Act.

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