To: The Ohio State House

Stop the Attack on Ohio Teachers!

American Federation of Teachers

I support responsible teacher evaluations as in the Senate version of SB 229. I oppose the House Education Committee Substitute Bill because it eliminates collective bargaining on the evaluation process, increases testing, and requires "improvement plans" be created even for effective teachers. This is an extreme attack on educators. I urge you to reject the House sub bill and support the original Senate version of SB 229.

Why is this important?

Teachers in Ohio welcome evaluations that provide feedback and identify opportunities for professional growth. The House sub-bill shifts the focus of evaluations from thoughtfully and thoroughly identifying such opportunities to a process that puts the majority of teachers on an improvement plan as a way to falsely indicate they are not performing well in their jobs. This is untrue and unfair to teachers and students. Stop the attack on teachers and focus on what works in Ohio. Urge your legislators to reject the House sub bill and support the Senate version of SB 229 for a fair and valid teacher evaluation process. For more information, visit