To: The Maryland State House, The Maryland State Senate, and Governor Larry Hogan

Stop the Fraud in the So-Called "Speed Enforcement Program"

Sigma Space/Optotraffic's claims;

"Specifically, still cameras at each unit have only the following uses:

- to demonstrate that the vehicle was at the location where its speed could be measured;

- to identify the vehicle by looking at the license plate; and

- to demonstrate that the vehicle was actually in motion when it moved through the laser sensor system."

The company's own admission demonstrates their inability to conform to the standards established by Maryland Law TA21-809. Due to their admitted inability to provide "recorded images of the violation", they should not be utilized by any Maryland based law enforcement agency.

Why is this important?

Law abiding, speed limit driving, citizens in Prince George's County MD are being falsely accused of speeding. A District Court Judge has refused to consider the citation photos as a defense. The law is being ignored in favor of Optotraffic's corporate statements. TA21-809 considers the citation images as "evidence" of speeding. The District Court should allow said evidence in court!


Reasons for signing

  • This program routinely operates outside the boundaries of the laws that stipulate how it is to be deployed. No one oversees the enforcer's behavior. They are arrogant and are unaccountable to any proof of illegal decisions they take to issue citations. I have challenged each ticket I've gotten and had a few waived. It is TIME CONSUMING to challenges these unlawful citations and I resent the enormity of abuse they bring into the lives of those receiving these citations. This program is BROKEN ...
  • I owned property in the city and state of Prince Georges MD. I have incurred two tickets in which they both have been waived, but what about the future? I don't need anymore tickets, I'm afraid I may get more,even when I am going @ the posted speed limit. We must do something about this.
  • Optotraffic speed cameras have a design flaw which causes them, to incorrect measure speeds. Sometimes it's far too high, other times it's far too low. If the poles sway, don't you pay!