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Stop the Laredo Landfill!

I support CALL (Citizens Against Laredo Landfill) and their commitment to:

Stop and oppose the permitting by TCEQ of the Pescadito Environmental Resource Center (PERC) Application (Proposed Permit No. 2374), and the construction and operation of said facility in Webb County, TX;

Hold elected and appointed officials accountable to stop this proposal;

Promote Zero Waste policies in Webb County which will reduce waste, encourage reuse and recycling and avoid the need for any new landfills in any community

Why is this important?

The proposed Pescadito dump will be bringing industrial, demolition and special wastes that are toxic into Webb County by rail and truck, from industries within an 800 mile radius. This includes materials like coal ash, which carries significant health risks for humans, livestock and most importantly, our air and water.

Pescadito will also accept maquiladora and other industrial waste by rail from Mexico, which will not even be inspected until it has already crossed the Rio Grande.

The proposed site is within the floodplain, on the Pescadito creek, which empties into the Rio Grande.

Local landfills have more than 100 years of life remaining. We don't need this dump.

Read more at Sign this petition, or sign a paper petition when you see our volunteers in public. Just stand with us and CALL them out!