To: Attorney General Eric Holder, United States Attorney General, President Donald Trump, and The Wisconsin State Senate

Stop the meager settlement with the Banksters

Wall Street banks have cost the citizens of the United States trillions of dollars through fraud, corruption and the forgery of documents. We object to any attempt to settle such vast losses at the meager amounts of 20 - 25 billion dollars and demand that State Attorneys General join forces with the Federal Government to demand the following:

1) Not to grant civil or criminal immunity to those mortgage servers who have been complicit in these vast losses;
2) Provide a full investigation along with the Federal Government into all of the facts surrounding this matter;
3) Determine and provide financial settlements which represent true, accurate and appropriate compensation based upon the extent of harm to all victims.

Why is this important?

The Administration is intent on settling with the mortgage servicers who stole trillions of dollars from us for less than 25 billion dollars!