To: Department of Justice, Antitrust Division and European Commission, Directorate-General for Competition

Stop the Monsanto-Bayer merger

Bayer and Monsanto have agreed to merge in a $66 billion deal. This would create the world's largest seed and pesticide maker, which will reduce competition, raise prices for consumers and farmers, and result in an unacceptable degree of control over the agricultural industry. With the risks so clear, I expect your agency to reject any attempt by these two corporations to merge.

Why is this important?

Monsanto and Bayer have announced plans to merge, creating what would be the world's largest seed and pesticide maker.

Monsanto produces RoundUp, in addition to genetically-engineered seeds designed to withstand the herbicide. Bayer manufactures neonicotinoid pesticides, which have been implicated in bee die-offs.

So what do we get in return for their profits? Fewer options and higher costs.

The Monsanto-Bayer merger would create a near-monopoly over our food and agriculture. Tell American and European antitrust agencies to deny the merger.


Reasons for signing

  • So many people buy Bayer products. I guess with Monsanto acquired, they don’t needs to worry about aspirin sales. I wish the US would ban all pesticides like France has (public green spaces already) ..and private gardens in 2019. Other countries are so much smarter than we are. Sad.
  • STop the insane pesticide use! You are killing everything#@*&
  • Please make sure this doesn't happen!