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To: State of Indiana

Stop the neglect of children

There is no law on the age requirement for babysitting a minor in the state of Indiana. We believe there should be an age requirement of 16 years old to babysit any child under the age of 6. As well as the person watching and caring for that child to have no uncontrolled mental health illnesses for safety of the children under the sitters care and the sitter watching that/those children in their care. This also includes close family or friends, whether they believe the minor is able to watch that child or not, the requirement should be 16 years of age. At the age of 16 minors are able to know right from wrong and are old enough for the responsibility of a job legally so this would be considered in the category of working.

Why is this important?

My ex-husband had left his 12 year old step-son to watch my 3 year old son Noah and his 5 year old brother. While they were away at the store. When they had come back my 3 year old son was brutality beaten and unconscious not breathing hidden under a bunk bed. He has had to be placed in life support and has had a part of his skull removed due to the intensity of his injuries. The 12 year old boy told his biological father that my son was being "annoying" while crying so he hit him with a belt, hit his head on the bunk bed frame and rammed him at a wall.

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