To: Peter Liguori, CEO of Tribune Company

Stop the Orlando Sentinel from being sold to the Koch brothers

Tribune CEO Peter Liguori: Do not sell the Burbank Leader and other Tribune Company media properties to the Koch brothers or any other right-wing propagandists.

Why is this important?

The oil and gas billionaire Koch brothers are trying to purchase the Orlando Sentinel!

It’s part of a larger bid to buy the Tribune Company’s media assets, which includes TV stations and major newspapers across the country in addition to the Sentinel.

The Koch brothers—David and Charles—are fossil fuel barons who have devoted their fortunes to bankrolling climate change denial, union busting, and the Tea Party. Now, they want to expand their radical right-wing propaganda to communities across the country by “Fox-news-ifying” local papers like the Sentinel.

Orlando Sentinel readers and other Tribune company customers are key stakeholders in the decision. By showing Tribune Company executives that the public counts on them for accurate and informative journalism, we can help persuade them not to sell to climate change deniers.

We can’t allow respected journalistic institutions to become mouthpieces for the Kochs’ corrupt agenda.