To: Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Governor Kate Brown, and Sen. Jeff Merkley (OR-2)

Stop the Pacific Connector liquefied natural gas pipeline in Oregon!

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The Pacific Connector gas pipeline and its terminal would become the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in Oregon and would devastate public natural resources, like clean water, pristine old-growth forests, sensitive wildlife habitat, and world-class recreation sites. Yet the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) stands ready to approve this project, without taking a hard look at the environmental impacts. Until February 13, you have the opportunity to influence FERC by filing public comments on the pipeline. Sign now and we will submit your comments to FERC by the February 13 deadline and share your concerns with elected officials charged with safeguarding our precious natural resources.

Why is this important?

Western Environmental Law Center is a nonprofit, public-interest environmental law firm. Our expert attorneys are ready to use the full power of the law and the courts to stop the Pacific Connector pipeline. Please join us before the February 13 deadline in telling FERC not to prioritize corporate income over the health of our environment and communities.