To: President Donald Trump, The California State House, The California State Senate, Governor Gavin Newsom, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Stop the Prosecution and Persecution of Thomas Drake

STOP the Obama administration's prosecution and persecution of Mr. Thomas Drake, one of America's heroes and true patriots!

Why is this important?

Why is Mr. Thomas Drake, one of America's heroes and true patriots, being prosecuted and persecuted by the Obama administration?

I am very concerned that we have become--not turning into--a police state.

Here is the New Yorker article regarding Charges Against the N.S.A.’s Thomas Drake at:

Something should be done about this. I realize that my lone voice is no more than a grain of sand on a large beach and can easily be considered insignificant and discounted by our politicians. But, nonetheless, this insignificant voice is shouting for a cause that affects every single voice and every single man, woman, and child--including our politicians--across this vast country of ours.

If this shameful and unwarranted prosecution and persecution is allowed to proceed AND our public officials--our Dam of Freedom--whom we depend on to help safeguard our freedom and liberties remain timid and silent, then God Helps Us All!

Tell our representatives and the Obama administration it's time to do the right thing and stop this prosecution of one of America's true and great patriots.

A lone voice,

Pierre Coupet