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To: George Buzzetti, civil rights leader and buster of corruption and fraud, President Donald Trump, The California State House, The California State Senate, Governor Gavin Newsom, The United States House of Representatives, and The United S...

Stop the proven corruption in the entire California Court System

We now know through Richard Fine, the Sturgeon Case and SBX-211 of the corruption in our Superior Courts in California. Now, recently, the Federal 9th Circuit Court has stated the corruption of the A.G. and D.A.'s. The State Auditor has shown the corruption all the way to the Supreme Court and in Orange County in a plead guilty of 8 people the D.A. was just kicked out of the case for corruption. What does it take.

Why is this important?

Because I have been illegally charged with perjured testimony by an LAUSD School Board Member who is also an Asst. L.A. City Attorney, of making obscene, P.C. 653(m), phone calls. I have the highest level proof I did not do this. According to the People v. Johnson Calif. Supreme Court Decision I was to have been dismissed last March 15, 2014. The judge just recently broke every part of the Calif. Supreme Court Decision on my requesting a competent attorney in the Marsden Hearing, People v. Marsden. My friend, Richard Fine, was put into solitary confinement for revealing this in court. This is systemic and must be stopped.



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