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To: Senator Graham

Stop the slaughter

Stop the slaughter

Senator Graham,
We are coming to you today to ask for your help in getting the SAFE ACT passed. We Believe that the Wild Horses and Wild Burro's deserve to stay on their land and stay free.
We ask that you help the rest of Congress to understand that they are not ours to miss treat or to stack them in trucks with broken limbs or even dying in transit.
If it had not been for the horses and burros we might have had a different county than the one we have now.
With your help we can keep them from the kill pens and holding lots and being shipped for slaughter.
Senator Graham you were in favor of this act in 2014, please help them to remain off someone's dinner table.
Belinda Price

Why is this important?

We all love these Wild one's so let's do something to make sure Senator Graham knows we will not take this laying down.
Please sign so our voices can be heard.

How it will be delivered

Once I get the signatures needed I am going to reach out to a media station in Washington DC and ask them to please deliver these to Senator Graham.



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