To: Ron Seaman, South Heidelberg Township Manager, Raj Suri, EmberClear President, Jim Cox (PA-129), Judith Schwank (PA-11), Governor Tom Wolf, Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (PA-6), Sen. Robert Casey (PA-1), and Sen. Patrick Toomey (PA-2)

Stop the South Heidelberg Gas Refinery

This petition signed by those who oppose the development of the Gas to Liquid conversion plant/refinery that is proposed to be constructed on the sixty-three acre land adjacent to Krick Lane and Mountain Home Road in South Heidelberg Township. This Petition has been established to unite the residents, business owners and community to protect ourselves from any potential environmental, financial or safety hazards.

These hazards include but are not limited to pollutants or toxic chemicals, impact of our clean water supply, air pollution, noise pollution, traffic, threat of terrorism, negative financial impact to residents, or catastrophic event.

This petition shall serve as notice to EmberClear Corporation, Future Power PA Inc, South Heidelberg Township Planning Committee (Robert Behling, Dean M. Baim, Kevin Kurtz, Christopher Hughes, Rick Unger, Ronald R. Seaman), South Heidelberg Supervisory Committee (Richard E. Hummel, Dennis E. Mulally, David A. Schaeffer, John Cucanelli (Engineer)), South Heidelberg Township Manager (Ronald R. Seaman), South Heidelberg Township Solicitor (Heidi B. Masano), Zoning Hearing Board (James Dotzenroth, Donald Boulanger, James Margrave), Wernersville planning and supervisory committee, Lower Heidelberg planning and supervisory committee, Berks Economic Partnership, Berks County Commissioners Christian Leinbach, Mark Scott, & Kevin Barnhardt, State Representative Jim Cox, State Senator Judy Schwank, Governor Tom Corbett, US Congressman Jim Gerlach, US Senator Bob Casey, US Senator Pat Toomey, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental protection, the Environmental Protection Agency, UGI Corporation, Sunoco/Sunoco Logistics (Suncor Energy Inc), Quad 3 Engineering, or any other company or organization affiliated with the construction of this facility.

We the undersigned agree with the statement above and would like to have our voice heard at all public hearings and meetings related to this project.

Why is this important?

This petition is for the voices of community members to be heard.